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Meet Our New Doctors

  • Sarah L. Allen MD
    Waccamaw Community Care

  • Catie B. Swift MD
    Waccamaw Oncology

  • Emily A. Poland DO
    Waccamaw Gastroenterology

Georgetown Physician Services

Welcome to Georgetown Physician Services (GPS) – a comprehensive network of primary and specialty care physicians experienced in such areas as family medicine, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, orthopaedics and general surgery. With office locations from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, GPS is always nearby and conveniently located.

As a patient, you can expect family medicine experts to manage your ongoing and preventive care needs. And with access to a comprehensive network of specialists, your primary care provider will be able to get you into a referral appointment quickly and easily.

By choosing a GPS physician, you will not only have access to medical/surgical expertise, but also to the full array of services and capabilities associated with Georgetown Hospital System’s Waccamaw Community Hospital and Georgetown Memorial Hospital.